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Deal Mine

Private Placement Investing

Deal Mine TM... An Investing Venue for Accredited Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Firms and Corporate Venture Funds

So many opportunities...so little time.
Today private equity investors are bombarded with investment opportunities. The great majority of these opportunities don’t meet the criteria of the investors to which they were referred. The result is that investors spend excessive time reviewing deals.

Reduce the time screening deals.
Deal Mine gives investors control of their most valuable asset – their time. Deal Mine offers a standard opportunity framework for accessing and reviewing investments. Whether you’re an angel in the Northeast or a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, Deal Mine is your source for deal flow.

Are you spending your time where you REALLY add value?
There are three basic stages a deal goes through prior to investment: Assessment, Evaluation, and Decision. In the assessment stage, deals are considered based on whether the opportunity meets an investor's criteria such as stage of funding, industry, location, etc. The final two stages are where the investor's expertise and experience are most fully utilized.

Don’t waste your time on the 80%!
Of all the opportunities out there more than 80% don’t meet your basic criteria. Deal Mine quickly lets you screen deals, allowing you to spend more of your time on due diligence and helping your current portfolio grow. The more time you spend making high quality investment decisions and growing your current investment, the better return you can expect. Isn’t this the reason you’re investing in the first place?

  • Deal Mine will automatically notify you when new investment opportunities are posted that warrant your attention.
  • Deal Mine Investors are directed to a discreet venue for reviewing each investment
  • As a Deal Mine Investor you will be able to discreetly review opportunity data including such items as: Company Profile, Management Team, Business Plans, Private Placement Memorandums, Financial Metrics and much more.  Once you feel a direct interaction with the Entrepreneur is desirable then you may contact the Entrepreneur.
  • NVST does not disclose Deal Mine member contact information to Entrepreneurs; only you as a Deal Mine member can initiate a dialog.

If you're an Accredited Investor**  wanting to gain access to Deal Mine opportunities then sign up today. Deal Mine is a “Free Private Placement Investment Venue” to qualified investors. Go!

“Not sure” if you qualify as an Accredited Investor -  Click Here For Info On Accredited Investors


If you're not an Accredited Investor, check out our other investor programs. Go!

If you are an Entrepreneur, please see our Capital MotionTM service. Go!


"I was able to generate two leads from the Private Equity Newsletter that proved to be solid investments for me, totaling over $1million!"
Anthony Tarley of Windsor Equities, Fort Lauderdale FL

"My experience with NVST.com has been substantial and fruitful. The leads I receive turn into signed contracts, representing a huge impact in revenue for my company. I am very pleased with my decision to subscribe to, and advertise with NVST.com!"
Stephen Brock - C.E.O.

**Application and Phone confirmation is required per SEC Exchange Act No. 42728 a/o April 2000

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