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About NVST® Venture Capital

NVST is a catalyst for the private investment community. We provide Entrepreneurs tools and services to showcase their investment opportunity while providing Investors access to the deals they want. It takes hard work and a lot of time for investments to happen. NVST makes the work easier and time shorter.

NVST has developed a broad base of SERVICES to assist along the entire funding cycle. From start-ups to IPO’s and everything in between, NVST has helped firms strengthen their business and find needed capital. When it’s time to make a deal, NVST has the PUBLICATIONS and DATABASES to help you conduct research and support appropriate valuations and terms. Whether you are an Investor, Entrepreneur, or Service Provider, NVST can help you throughout the entire funding cycle.

  • Capital Motion - Entrepreneurs
    Capital Motion is NVST's premier program for Entrepreneurs. Capital Motion provides entrepreneurs with direct access to Angels, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Venture Funds, and Investment Bankers.

  • Deal Mine - Investors
    Deal Mine is NVST's criteria-based private investing program for accredited investors, Angels, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Venture Funds, and Investment Bankers. Deal Mine refers opportunities that meet your investment criteria.

  • Business Plan Services
    Make the first impression count. NVST offers three levels of service, based on your needs: Strategic Evaluation, Business Plan Polish or Full-Service. 

  • Equity Market Assessment Tools
    NVST offers equity assessment tools built exclusively for executives seeking venture financing, tools-based programs speak to both process and disciplines. 

  • Debt Financing- Lender Matching Services
    This service is designed for businesses that...
    1. Have an immediate need for working capital (such as for funds to pay suppliers, payroll or other creditors), or
    2. Sell to commercial accounts (not retail customer).

  • Advisor Sign up
    Join the Private Equity Network® of Advisors today!
  • The Corporate Growth Report DealRetriever
    A searchable database of over 4600 transactions allowing you to find new offers, takeover speculations, and market summaries of current mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and initial public offerings within every SIC number. Listed are all purchase price ratios, historical financial data, balance sheet information on buyer and seller and a description of each transaction. An NVST.com online database.

  • M&A Insight
    The most comprehensive source of mid-market and large cap completed transactional data for public and private companies sold for prices between $1- $250 million. Purchase price rations, with charts, regression, R-squared and statistics, including median.  Updated weekly.  Over 10,000 transactions with company contact, sellers financial and EBITDA information for each.

  • eValPro
    The premier comprehensive business valuation software for valuation analysts or anyone who wants to know the value of their business. eValPro provides helpful valuation tools including: 26 valuation methods, free internet valuation research navigation, internet enabled design for product updates, basic and comprehensive versions in one product, due diligence checklist and data capturing, valuation navigation tree, and unrivaled graphing capability. It offers unrivaled speed, accuracy and ease of use.


    • Weekly Corporate Growth Report
      This invaluable weekly newsletter presents complete and comprehensive coverage and analysis of the prior week’s new offers, mergers and acquisitions, takeover speculations and divestitures. Produced on tight deadline to arrive on your desk on Mondays, The Weekly Corporate Growth Report is subscribed to by the leading investment bankers and brokers, venture capitalists, corporate acquirers, accountants, attorneys and other M&A intermediaries, as well as by valuation professionals, private investors and business libraries.

    • Venture Capital Journal
      Securities Data Publishing's flagship publications serving the VC and private equity market are now hosted online at NVST.com. Current and back issues of Venture Capital Journal available online at NVST.com.

    • European Venture Capital Journal
      Securities Data Publishing's flagship publications serving the VC and private equity market are now hosted online at NVST.com. Current and back issues of European Venture Capital Journal available online at NVST.com.

    • Capital Growth Interactive
      Exclusive print and online periodical covering private capital and growth company financing. View premiere issue and subscribe online.

    • image of book Venture Capital Due Diligence  New!
      VENTURE CAPITAL DUE DILIGENCE provides a clear and complete explanation of the venture capital (VC) due diligence process and shows you how to use it to assess investment opportunities, make smart investment decisions, and increase the return on your overall venture capital portfolio.


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